Membership at La Trinidad United Methodist Church is a commitment between an individual, Jesus Christ, and the community of faith.

The first step into membership is Christian Initiation. This involves learning about the Christian faith and making a conscious decision to live by that faith. At La Trinidad, classes are offered throughout the year for initiation (confirmation and baptism). Those who are not already baptized may receive Christian baptism at the point of decision. That decision involves the renunciation of evil, the acceptance of God’s grace, and a profession of faith in God.

The second step into membership is deciding to participate in the spiritual and ministry life of the local church. Professing Christians are eligible to become church members by pledging to support the local church through prayer, presence, gifts, service, and sharing faith with others.

Membership can be easily transferred to any United Methodist Church in the denomination.

For more information about church membership, please feel free to ask one of our pastors on Sunday morning or during the week.