La Trinidad offers a variety of Sunday School and small group opportunities for spiritual growth.  New groups are always organizing, so if you don’t see something here that meets your needs, please let us know.

Sunday School Classes

Class Language Time Teacher Location
Adult Bible Study English 9:45 AM Rev. David Alvírez Church Parlor (Temporary)
Men’s Bible Study Bilingual 9:45 AM Sam Gallardo 3rd Floor
Edith Parker Memorial Class Spanish 8:30 AM Minerva Briones Church Parlor
 Youth Class  English  9:45 AM  David Sonnen  TBA
 Elementary II (Grades 3-6)  English  9:45 AM  Irene Sonnen  Bride’s Room (Temporary)
 Elementary I (Grades K-2)  English  9:45 AM  Sandra Fuentes  Nursery Room (Temporary)

Small Groups

Group Language Time Teacher Location
 Small Group Bible Study English Mondays at 3 PM Rev. Alvírez Grout Residence