What do Methodists believe?

Methodists are Christian and share many beliefs with both Catholic and Protestant churches such as the Holy Trinity, the centrality of Jesus Christ, salvation by Faith in Christ, the communion, gifts, and fruits of the Holy Spirit, the authority of the Bible, the sacraments, and the universal vocation of all Christians to love, mercy, and justice.

For a greater overview of our doctrine and beliefs, please visit our United Methodist Church website.

What does the word 'Methodist' mean?

Methodism began in the 18th century as a spiritual renewal movement within the Church of England.  Participants gathered to hold one another accountable, study the Bible, practice spiritual disciplines and engage in social service as they grew in Christian maturity.

Adversaries derided early Methodists calling them "Supererogation Men," and "the Holy Club."  Those who thought Sunday-only participation was adequate called them "New Methodists" because they had a new method for being Christian.  After a while, the "new" wore off, and the movement was just called Methodist.

Methodists understand the Christian life as being ordered by three basic rules: doing all the good we can, doing no harm, and participation in means of God's grace that strengthen our spiritual life.

Do you have any unique practices or rituals?

Many practices that were once unique to Methodists, such as small group meetings, keeping spiritual journals, lay-driven church leadership, itinerant ministry, outdoor preaching contemporary music music, engagement in community missions, affirming Christians from other denominations, and social concern, are now shared by many Christian churches and denominations.

Within La Trinidad UMC, we celebrate two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion.  Baptism is available to infants, children, and adults who have not previously been baptized in a Christian church. We affirm baptism by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion.  Communion is open to all.  We recognize God's call to both men and women to ordained ministry.

La Trinidad also celebrates weddings, funerals, confirmations, quinceañeras, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, marriage vow renewals, and other sacred and special occasions.

Do I have to be Christian or Methodist to attend?

Our religious activities and services are open to the public and make no distinctions between people. If you claim the Christian faith, another faith, or no faith, you will be welcome at La Trinidad.

Is your church exclusively Hispanic or Latin-American?

La Trinidad UMC serves a community that has been historically underserved and under-represented within American society.   The church began as a mission to native Mexicans whose families had lived in San Antonio since the time of Spanish colonization.  Today, like all United Methodist Churches, the congregation welcomes all persons without regard for race, nationality, or social status.

Our Hispanic spirit and culture is an expression of the church's unique gifts in ministry, not segregation or exclusion.  We are specialists in bilingual ministry, not separatists, and our unique constituency is the result of embracing diversity, not our rejection of it.  We have members who are bilingual, some who speak only English, and others who speak only Spanish.  We have members from our surrounding neighborhood, and others who commute.

If you enjoy fiesta, friends, and wonderful food, you will love La Trinidad.